Tuesday, March 29, 2011

8 Beautiful years and still going......!

My love and I relaxing by the lake.....

I am in love. There is no other way to put it...I'm simply, passionately, crazy, goofing grins, makes me want to wear pink, in love! Today I'm celebrating 8 yrs of marriage with the most fabulous man on earth! Also, today I am praising God for sending me this amazing man! As with any marriage we have had our share of ups and downs. Blessedly, more ups than downs! I had planned on writing about how my Darling and I met but I think right now I want to hold those awesome sweet times in the depths of my heart. And instead of writing a long blog, I'm going to go soak in a bubble bath and prepare my heart, mind, and soul for the breathtaking over night getaway that I'm about to leave for with my hunny! May your love be strong today, thank God for your spouse, and kiss them deeply today!


Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Sin There is Mercy

Regret streams through her veins,
as she realizes her foolish mistake.
One moment lapse in judgement,
at this minute is more that she can take.

Why? She know she knows better,
the Spirit tried to warn her.
Alarms sounded all around her soul,
yet she continued on, thinking surely she knew better.

When will she learn,
God always knows best,
when will she listen,
let her conscience have some rest.

She let her precious arrows play,
knowing well this would affect them too.
Did she listen to the gentle whisper,
no, out of her ears the spiritual warning flew.

Now sorrow is what she feels,
over damage that has been done.
How to repair,
I'm waiting for the answer to come.

Lifter of my head,
Quieter of my fears...
pull me to You,
and silence my tears.

Repentfully sorry,
is what I am now,
Please forgive me Lord,
here on my knees I bow.

Take my shame,
cast it away,
Hurl it forever,
never do you blame.

Full of forgiveness,
and renewness are You,
I ask for it now,
reassure me as You are so known to do.

I have to get back up,
I have to try again,
I'm not perfect yet,
so I will try and try again.

Lord, I repent,
please help me now,
mold me and shape me,
One day I will give you this crown.

Lighter in heart,
I think I can sleep.
Come with me Father now,
Lay me down in peace.

Joyfully basking in His forgiveness!

You can find me sitting at the feet of Jesus!


Friday, March 25, 2011

Never a dull or idle moment here.....

Now I truly feel like we are getting ready to move.Kim is on vacation now! I have trouble staying motivated when Kim is not home to help me. This year has been difficult for me to adjust to...Kim is away from the protection of our home for the first time in 17 yrs...she has a job and is gone quite a lot. She only works 20 hrs a week but her manager seems to like to schedule her for only a few hours EVERY single day....meaning lots of traveling to town and back for us. Danae has become quite the little helper to me but I just haven't adjusted to Kim being away yet....especially when I have projects around the house to do. I have begun grooming Danae to step up and began really helping me in the home but I have been training Kim for so long and we have such a flow together that I miss it terribly when she is gone. I know that one day soon me and my precious Danae will be like that and I'm looking forward to it...I look forward to the day when my wonderful youngest and I move with grace and ease around each other and have time to chat about things we like, God, and whatever else without constant instruction. I remember when Kim was little and we didn't have a lot of time for chatting because I was busy instructing..oh sure we got to chat other times but I love to talk when doing the mundane task like dishes. Anyway, Kim is home and my girls and I spent the whole day packing up parts of the house. My sweet girls worked so well together...washing the greenery and putting it out to dry and then packing it carefully in boxes. They went out to hang laundry together and to take pictures in the wild flowers in our backyard! Both are avid photographers. Almost 100% of the photos on this blog were taken by my Kimberly's very talented hand! All in all today was a very productive day and I'm exhausted...! But it's a good exhausted. The kind that I know I have earned my rest because I worked hard!It's good that I'm so busy because my darling will be gone for the next three days and I get sad when he's gone. :-(
Tomorrow holds the promise of more producivity and lots more packing! My sweet little sister is coming to spend the night with us and that will be a lot of fun!
My Sweetpeas!
My lovely little sister!
Funny story before I close...remember in my "pets" post that I have 7 cats? When you have that many felines running around there is always bound to be comedy! So here is my hilarious cat story for the day....It invloved my Kahlua (simese himalayan) and my Mr ( black and white something) and my 5 gallon bucket of homemade laundry soap.....
This is Kahlua but apprently don't have a picture of Mr...he's
outside most of the time!

Anyway...Kahlua somehow managed to fall into the laundry soap bucket and has she hauled herself out of the bucket and across the kitchen floor she startled Mr causing him to race across the floor and leap onto the counter then attempt to jump to the top of the cabinet where there is empty hiding space. But too bad for him he didn't make it...instead as he leaped for his hiding space he smacked into the cabinet door and hit the counter which caused all four of the dogs metal food bowls to going clanging to ground. Poor guy, by the time he corrected himself and got into his hiding place, he was panting and looking around like he was gonna be killed! All four of the dogs were alerted and standing at the counter staring at him...after that calmed down we found Kahlua. She was extremely upset about her current status as she was soaked and into the tub she went! She bawled the entire time she was in there. I have no idea where she is now....hiding somewhere licking her wounds and cleaning up her pride! Like I said there is never a dull moment around here and I wouldn't change any of it for the world!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Standing in awe....

The beautiful moon seen through a window....

I awoke this morning wondering if it had all been a dream. But no, it couldn't have been a dream for I could still feel His nearness...leaving me breathless as I thought of my encounter with my Divine Creator. I could still feel my heart pounding, child like wonder, awe inspiring, crazy out of control worship of my God....sweet Jesus, did you do it just for me?

I awoke from my slumber at 3:36 this morning and I will remain forever changed by my encounter with The Almighty....

As usual my sweet sleep was interrupted by the call of nature and as I padded sleepily towards the bathroom I realized that I had left the light on in there when I went to bed. But no, the color of the light was all wrong...I continued on my path and soon realized that the moon was shining righ inside our little bitty bathroom window, illuminating the entire bathroon with it's awesome light. I did what I had to do all the while thinking to myself...my goodness that is a bright beautiful moon.

I went on my way back to bed when I reached my bedroom door and peered into the kitchen....there it was again. That magnificant light streaming through closed blinds. It was spilling out onto the floor and creating beautiful shadows all on the floor. And the tiny square window in our laundry room was brightly lit on the floor as well. I stood rooted to the floor trying to take in the beauty that my eyes were beholding.

Carefully, I crept back to my bed and quietly got in so not to wake my sweety. As I lay there I wondered if David would want to feast his eyes on this "thing" that I has seen. Would my love want to be woken up at 3:30 in the morning to see the majesty of God? I thought, I'll take the chance. "David.", I whispered quietly "Yes?", was the husky reply. "Do you want to see something really cool?" I asked? "Yeah." was the absolutely unhesitant answer that met my question. So we got out of bed and I took him to where just minutes before I had been rooted to the floor admiring my God's handiwork. "Amazing..." came David's in awe response.

I hurried over to the front door and David asked me where I was going. I told him I was going outside that I had to see this moon outside. Giggling like children we hurried to the door.

Outside...oh outside....that amazing moon was casting the most awe inspiring shadows all over the yard! I ran off the deck to see it over the house....that wasn't enough...I wanted to see what it looked like glowing over the exspanse of our land in the back. Leaping off the deck into the dew moistened grass I ran to the fence like a child who had just discovered some new treasure. Feelings the fresh wet dew on my feet, in my night gown, arms out wide...I worshipped my Creator and the beauty that my eyes were trying to hold. There were lovely broad shadows and the most intense glow of the moon spreading out all over our land...I was breathless...all I could think of was that I had to be a part of it! I wanted to run out of our gate and go dance in that beautiful moonlight and for my Savior! Ahhhh.....

Turning to see my sweet hubby's reaction, I saw that he was leaning on the door frame smiling. He said," I love seeing that child like wonder and awe on your face over something God has done."

Heart beating wildly and trembling, I breathlessly ran up on the deck and into his arms. I whispered into my love's strong chest, " I wonder who God is showing off for?" And then, the most magical thing of all...the Holy Spirit spoke right through my husband and I recieved the most reassuring answer I could have ever hoped for...." You." my love whispered against my hair. I looked up into his eyes, kissed him and we went inside.

As I lay in bed I noticed that my heart was still pounding wildly, I had goose bumps and the most goofy crazy in love smile on my face! I was in love! Crazy, madly, deeply in love with my Savior!

Last night I drifted off to sleep, worshiping my Jesus..........

Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh Inspiration

I just had the most fabulous idea! I was lying down for a ten minute nap, cuddling my Elly May ( see pet list for photo :-) and the Lord gave me some real inspiration. I tend to get into ruts pretty frequently....I need things to keep me going. I do (honestly and transparancy here) struggle with depression and sometimes I need to shake things up a bit to prevent stagnant boredom. That being said, it's kinda of weird that in my last post I pointed out just how much I dislike change. Let me clarify. I don't like change that comes with a risk....I like to change furniture around and redecorate and things of that nature but things like moving, make me nervouse. Anyway, on to my inspiring thoughts.

We aew going to have monthly goals! What I mean is each month we are going to have a family goal that goes with the month that we are in. Same first letter to match the month! I'm so excited! Since March is almost over we don't have a whole lot of time but we are going to do at least something small.... Ok so here's my list. Let me know what you think!

March : Match My Step. We are going to make it our goal to go for walks as a family.

April : Always Show Love. We are going to pray and seek out situtations in which we can show someone the love of Jesus.

May : Mingling May. We are going to invite at least two families over to have dinner during this month.

June : (I need a J suggestion)

July:   ( Again, I need a J suggestion...help please!)

August: Away to the beach. We are going to make it down to the beach at least twice this month. We always say we will then we don't...so now I'm determined!

September : Skating with Jesus music. Our local skating rink has a christian night and they play only christian music from our favorite christian radio station!

October : Open up for Jesus. We are going to find ways to be a light for Jesus the entire month. No darkness, only light! I'll let you know when times gets closer what exactly we are going to do!

November : Notes and Food for Jesus! Whenever we are going out to run errands we are going to leave post it notes around, letting others know that Jesus is crazy about them and died for them! Then we are going to feed at least one family for Thanksgiving or either volunteer at a soup kitchen, maybe even more than one!

December : Delivering the Love of Jesus. Due to the move we have already told our children that our already modest Christmas giving is going to be even smaller this year. Uderstanding little dolls they are! :-)  We are going to give ourselves away this Christmas. I want to go to soup kitchens and hospitals and homeless shelters! I can't wait to lavish the love of Jesus on people this Christmas season!

January.....I will make a new plan for each month with the Lord and the input of my family and let you know then what we will be doing! Blessings to you and yours!


Blessings, trials, and healing....

Yay! Here is a picture of our new house! Thanks Kim for an
awesome picture! Girls got skills with the camera!

Teee heeee! We've never had a fireplace! We are going to have
at least one fire before it gets just way too hot!

My precious girls posing in our barn at our new house! That's
right we are going to have a barn...sound I will be
surrounded by the sweet sound of my chickens.

    As of late our life around here and been up and down, then back up and then back down. Good news is I think we are on an uprise again and I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth! You see, I'm a happy person and I don't like uproars in my life. They make me squirm, even when I know and can recognize that the Lord is going to add to my character through a trial, they make me nervous anyway!
   I was wondering today if I seem grouchy or discontent in my blog...I pray not because my goal if to be a lifter upper not a downer so if it seems like I've been down more than up it's simply because I am an honest person, this is my outlet, and my family has been going through a lot of testing and trials lately. It's seems like some huge ones came in a group and just sort of took up residence for awhile. I'm actively seeking God and shooing these trials right on out the door! :-)
   A huge blessing is our move..a headache but a blessing! The first picture on today's post is of our new home! We move in April 1 and I, my friends, have a lot of packing left to do! But our new home is beautiful and the yard is so green and spacious! ahhh... I can't wait! I love the newness and the making of a new home! Especially since my Darling and I plan on this being our forever home...least til Jesus comes back to get us! :-) The girls are incredibly excited and I'm so thankful for that. I'm not real big on change even happy change and they have been a real encouragement to me. Their excitement is soooo contagious!
   On the other hand as I mentioned our family is going through some storms...some big and some not as big. But the big storms tend to magnify the little storms! Our own little family of four just got smacked upside the head and are learning and praying about where to proceed from here. God is good and He is faithful but this is one of those things that you sit and hang your mouth open and say, "Really?" I didn't see this coming! Again, The Lord is faithful and He has not abandoned us and will never forsake us and I'm clinging to that now more than ever. Some mornings, I wake up and think I'm gonna get through this stuff and then there are times when I just lay my head down and cry and wonder why? Why some things have to happen. I'm rambling now...say a prayer for my family if you think to please.
    Some of the smaller storms are some testing at church...trying to decide and asking God is where we are is where we need to still be... again, change and I'm not a fan of change! (gritting teeth)
    I'm evaluating the relationships in my life right now too....like I said there is just a lot of junk happening right now. I'm trying to discern which relationship are good for my walk with God and which ones that are going to be there when it really counts!
    Friends, this time in my life I'm more aware then ever that their is an enemy of our souls. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy and only by clinging to Christ can we be overcomers! Jesus and I have never been closer than we are right now. I'm learing and understanding how little control I have over my life and those that I love. I have no control at all! That is scary for me....I'm a recovering control freak! But God has everything under control and right now I'm learning and expierencing what it means to walk in faith right beside Him. This is an accurate depiction of what I'm walking through with my Savior right now.
                                         Dr. Tony Evans was taking a walk with his granddaughter one day and she looked at him and said," Grandad, I want you to hold my hand." Dr. Evans said," I am holding your hand." The granddaughter thought for a moment and then said, " No, Grandad, I want you to hold my hand." And again, Dr. Evans said," I am holding your hand." To which the granddaughter replies, " No grandad, I'm holding your hand and I want you to hold my hand...that way if I fall I know you won't let me go."
     This is a perfect picture of us with The Father... I don't want to hold His hand because I will let go, but I know with no doubt that as long as He Is Holding My Hand...He won't ever let me go!
     Are you holding Jesus' hand or is He holding yours? My friend, I'm letting Jesus hold my hand...
      Pray with me, "Father in the name if Jesus I pray for any of my sisters that are reading this and are finding themselves in the midst of storms like I am right now. I pray for their strength and for Your loving care to be lavished on them! What am amazing God you are and I'm so grateful to You for everything I have and everything I am! I love You Lord!

Clinging to Jesus,

Friday, March 11, 2011


This is pre bangs and just a fun picture. We were bowling!

OH MY GOODNESS.....GUESS WHAT?!! I GOT BANGS! Now you have to understand why this is soooo monumental for me. When the Lord started me on my road to modesty it first began with my clothes...out went the pants and in came the skirts and dresses. As time went on the dresses/skirts got longer and longer. Now I typically only wear calf , ankle or floor length skirts....I do have one white skirt that belongs to my sister that I have an obession over and it's below my knees. But it's right there...some days I'm comfortable in it some days I'm not. As the skirts got longer my necklines got higher and my sleeves got longer. Not cleavage is exceptable to me, ever. I don't even show at home. I'm a witness to my girls about modestly as well as the world. Ok, moving on....next the Lord moved onto my hair. Being the sassy young thang I used to be I have short spiky hair. My friend Jamie loves to say, " I don't think I would have been friends with that Kathy." Hahha! It was really was cute and very very fun but with sassy hair comes a sassy attitude. For all you skeptics out there...what you wear on your head and your body truly does affect you behavior. So the Lord led me to grow it out...which pleased my darling to no end! Last but not least went the makeup. I do wear alittle on my face when having a bad face day but I don't wear any makeup on my eyes. I figure God led me there for a couple of reasons. 
1. He didn't make me with it on.
2. He has been teaching me to not draw attention to myself.
3. I couldn't leave the house without "my face on" and it shouldn't control.
4. Best reason...my hubby hates makeup and I didn't even know it!
Anyway, eventually I came to a point where I wasn't sure that I believed in cutting my hair at all..period. For 3 years no scissors touched my hair. Well once I asked my Kim to trim it and I absolutely freaked out. So I had had no hair cut in 3 years. My hair has gotten really long during this time. Well about I had been studying that 1 Corinthians verse quite deeply and even covering some of the time when I kinda decided that I think that my long is covering enough. All of that being said, I went and had a light trim and some really long layers put in it. I loved it! About a week ago I gave my oldest a haircut and cut her some long really deep in the part bangs and she looks so beautiful. So womanly and soft around the face! So since then I have had BANG ENVY! My darling told me tonight, " Just do it if you want too." So I did! And I really like them! It gave me volume around my face and it just added alittle kick. Soft and womanly! I'll post a picture as soon as I get one! I just need to throw this in...I love my kids! Both of them! We went shoppiong for a wedding that is coming up tonight and it was such a blast! Such a refreshing, lots of laughing, sweet time together~!


Monday, March 7, 2011

A peek into my week


Psst....can you here it? Me either....I'm all alone! My Kimberly is off to work and my sweet Danae and my dashing David are off to the park with a picinic lunch for a Daddy Daughter day! And I, my friends, are gloriously alone....well my four legged critters are here but that's quite alright with me. So what's been going on? Everybody good? It's been crazy around here....I think that's what I always say...but you know what? It's always true . This is a crazy busy time in my life and I can either learn to love it or drive myself and my family insane! Anyway... I thought I'd give you some insight on my week starting with right now....

Now: I'm still wearing my Pj's....don't judge me, hear me out first! :-) Saturday we helped some dear friends of our's move and then came home and packed some of our own things, because, yes, we are moving too! Yay! Sunday, we went to church, grocery shopped, ate lunch out and then I gave my testimony to my daughter's youth group that evening! What an emotional mess that was! It was awesome, but very emotional! So that leads to why I'm still in my Pj's this Monday morning. I slept til 10:30 and I just haven't gotten started yet! I was plumb worn out! I needed to rest and just relax...hence the pj wearing! Relax, after I post I'm gonna take a shower and hang some clothes out to dry! Geez... hard crowd 'round here! I have spent some quality time with my dachsund this morning. Which is rare because if one gets attention then all of them want it! But my other 3 dogs were outside and Wilma and I found ourselves blissfully alone on the couch together so I spent some time lavishing some much needed love on her! I see I'm rambling a lot today. Stay with me....

Monday: Tonight I'm making tator tot casserole and jello and some sort of bread. I have to accompolish laundry and getting the kitchen packed. I have a friend coming by to chat and pray at 4: 45 and then Danae has dance at 5:30. But my sweety has already told me that he will take her! Praise the Lord!

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes for dinner. Dance at 7:30, Kim works and I need to do more packing.

Wednesday: Grillled chicken salads. Kim works and we have church.

Thursday: Ladies Bible study. Kim works. No evening activities so we can have family time and ahh just breathe!

Friday: Kim works....packing again and more! Friday evening...not sure yet.

Saturday: don't know yet.

Sunday: church and then off to spend two glorious restful days at our resort!!!!

Extras: I NEED TO SEE JAMIE!!!! Hey ,Simply His Home, let me know when we can make this happen ok! Also, I need to see my friends new baby girl!

What I'm praying about right now: A broken relationship in my extended family. A friend that has stage 4 cancer and her family. The fact that my oldest wants to be a medical missionary. How to best aim my youngest in the right direction. And always....covering my man in prayer!

What I'm reading: For leisure- Texas Dreams
                                 For education- The Strong Willed Child
                                 For encouragement- Passionate Housewives Desperate for God


Blessed week to you and yours!
Joyfully ( means full of joy!)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sad, lonely, depressed and then healing!

A place of healing for our weary soul...Perdenales Falls

Today has not been an up day for me. I'm not quite sure why, it's just been a blue day. Which is really sad because the sun was shining so beautifully and yet I was gloom! I tried a few different things, trying to shake this mood....like I wore a pretty skirt and top that I usually don't where around the house and I did my hair in a really nice updo....still blue! So I moped around the house doing alittle here and alittle there but nothing really productive. I text my sweet hubby and told him how I was feeling and he was very sweet and sent me some very loving words. (Sigh)...I tried to press on. Then I text one of the lovliest ladies that I know and told her the funk that I was in. Bless her heart she sent me right into the Father's arms and gave me an invitation to come visit. But my true friend told me to pray. She said, "Stop right now and quit thinking and just pray." So I did, it wasn't a lengthy prayer, in fact all I said was, " Father, I need to be encouraged!" Boy, does He deliver! Right then there was a post on facebook from Nancy at Above Rubies. It was serious encouragement for my lonely soul! I am amazed at how quickly He works on my behalf! He didn't like that I was upset and feeling lonely and when I asked for encouragement He sent it! And right away~! Makes me think of the verse in the Bible that says, you have not because you ask not. The Lord was more than willing to send me an ecouraging word and for that I'm truly thankful! I'm abundantly blessed but every so often my flesh takes me for a ride and I need to be told that I'm blessed and that theres is always tomorrow (God willing). So my friends, how are your feelings today? Are you blue or feeling gloom today? Does your motherly, wifely, womanly soul need encouragement today? Be of good cheer the Creator of Heaven and earth adores you! He thinks you are lovely and worthy and He's crazy about you~! And if today has not been all that you would have wanted it to be, don't fret....Lord willing, theres always tomorrow!