Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa and Jesus?

There are so many opinions about including Santa Claus during Christmas. Do we not or do we? Is it Holy or not? Is it exceptable or not? Will kids lose the meaning of the birth of Christ, or not? Debates can go on forever and will continue to do so. My family, as well, has debated this very thing. Our conclusion: YES, we will include Santa. Maybe not in the same sense as some do. For example: I don't tell my children that if they are naughty that Santa will see them, know they were naughty, and not bring them gifts. God is the only one who can see everything that we do at all times. I refuse to give Santa any of God's credit or His authority. But I have done my fair share of research on who St.Nicholas was. He was a loving and God fearing man. A man to be admired for sure. Allow me to educate you briefly if you are unaware of who St. Nicholas was. He was a man who loved God and had a love for people. He gave of his own resources to others who otherwise would have gone without. That is where Santa Claus came from! Of course it has gone way beyond a man who wears a red suit and brings toys. We now venture into reindeer leading a sleigh, chimneys, the North Pole. I see no harm in those things either. It's up to you when and if you tell your children who much truth there is in that. We have told our children that Santa goes and brings toys to kids whose parents cannot provide to for them and that we help Santa because we can give our kids gifts. This is the absolute truth too...have you ever given a family who is going without some gifts? Have you ever fed a family that doesn't have food? You are being their Santa! Moreover you are being Jesus to them!! That's the goal anyway! St. Nicholas was driven by his love for others....what is driving you? Perhaps that more of an issue here than a jolly man in a red suit. Perhaps we need to evaluate the condition of our own hearts and begin our work there. We can enjoy Christmas cartoons and Santa Claus but let's never fail to remember that this is all about the greatest gift ever given. God, put on flesh, became like us, for us. To then die for us! Love someone this Christmas...St Nick did! Joyfully, Kathy