Friday, March 25, 2011

Never a dull or idle moment here.....

Now I truly feel like we are getting ready to move.Kim is on vacation now! I have trouble staying motivated when Kim is not home to help me. This year has been difficult for me to adjust to...Kim is away from the protection of our home for the first time in 17 yrs...she has a job and is gone quite a lot. She only works 20 hrs a week but her manager seems to like to schedule her for only a few hours EVERY single day....meaning lots of traveling to town and back for us. Danae has become quite the little helper to me but I just haven't adjusted to Kim being away yet....especially when I have projects around the house to do. I have begun grooming Danae to step up and began really helping me in the home but I have been training Kim for so long and we have such a flow together that I miss it terribly when she is gone. I know that one day soon me and my precious Danae will be like that and I'm looking forward to it...I look forward to the day when my wonderful youngest and I move with grace and ease around each other and have time to chat about things we like, God, and whatever else without constant instruction. I remember when Kim was little and we didn't have a lot of time for chatting because I was busy instructing..oh sure we got to chat other times but I love to talk when doing the mundane task like dishes. Anyway, Kim is home and my girls and I spent the whole day packing up parts of the house. My sweet girls worked so well together...washing the greenery and putting it out to dry and then packing it carefully in boxes. They went out to hang laundry together and to take pictures in the wild flowers in our backyard! Both are avid photographers. Almost 100% of the photos on this blog were taken by my Kimberly's very talented hand! All in all today was a very productive day and I'm exhausted...! But it's a good exhausted. The kind that I know I have earned my rest because I worked hard!It's good that I'm so busy because my darling will be gone for the next three days and I get sad when he's gone. :-(
Tomorrow holds the promise of more producivity and lots more packing! My sweet little sister is coming to spend the night with us and that will be a lot of fun!
My Sweetpeas!
My lovely little sister!
Funny story before I close...remember in my "pets" post that I have 7 cats? When you have that many felines running around there is always bound to be comedy! So here is my hilarious cat story for the day....It invloved my Kahlua (simese himalayan) and my Mr ( black and white something) and my 5 gallon bucket of homemade laundry soap.....
This is Kahlua but apprently don't have a picture of Mr...he's
outside most of the time!

Anyway...Kahlua somehow managed to fall into the laundry soap bucket and has she hauled herself out of the bucket and across the kitchen floor she startled Mr causing him to race across the floor and leap onto the counter then attempt to jump to the top of the cabinet where there is empty hiding space. But too bad for him he didn't make it...instead as he leaped for his hiding space he smacked into the cabinet door and hit the counter which caused all four of the dogs metal food bowls to going clanging to ground. Poor guy, by the time he corrected himself and got into his hiding place, he was panting and looking around like he was gonna be killed! All four of the dogs were alerted and standing at the counter staring at him...after that calmed down we found Kahlua. She was extremely upset about her current status as she was soaked and into the tub she went! She bawled the entire time she was in there. I have no idea where she is now....hiding somewhere licking her wounds and cleaning up her pride! Like I said there is never a dull moment around here and I wouldn't change any of it for the world!



  1. Haha! Cats! That would have been hilarious!
    Love You!

  2. Hahaha!! It was a whole lot of fun at your house! And my poor Kahlua! Tehe : ) It is always so much fun at your house, I can't wait to come back again my Sister! I love you!!! ♥