Sunday, March 20, 2011

Standing in awe....

The beautiful moon seen through a window....

I awoke this morning wondering if it had all been a dream. But no, it couldn't have been a dream for I could still feel His nearness...leaving me breathless as I thought of my encounter with my Divine Creator. I could still feel my heart pounding, child like wonder, awe inspiring, crazy out of control worship of my God....sweet Jesus, did you do it just for me?

I awoke from my slumber at 3:36 this morning and I will remain forever changed by my encounter with The Almighty....

As usual my sweet sleep was interrupted by the call of nature and as I padded sleepily towards the bathroom I realized that I had left the light on in there when I went to bed. But no, the color of the light was all wrong...I continued on my path and soon realized that the moon was shining righ inside our little bitty bathroom window, illuminating the entire bathroon with it's awesome light. I did what I had to do all the while thinking to goodness that is a bright beautiful moon.

I went on my way back to bed when I reached my bedroom door and peered into the kitchen....there it was again. That magnificant light streaming through closed blinds. It was spilling out onto the floor and creating beautiful shadows all on the floor. And the tiny square window in our laundry room was brightly lit on the floor as well. I stood rooted to the floor trying to take in the beauty that my eyes were beholding.

Carefully, I crept back to my bed and quietly got in so not to wake my sweety. As I lay there I wondered if David would want to feast his eyes on this "thing" that I has seen. Would my love want to be woken up at 3:30 in the morning to see the majesty of God? I thought, I'll take the chance. "David.", I whispered quietly "Yes?", was the husky reply. "Do you want to see something really cool?" I asked? "Yeah." was the absolutely unhesitant answer that met my question. So we got out of bed and I took him to where just minutes before I had been rooted to the floor admiring my God's handiwork. "Amazing..." came David's in awe response.

I hurried over to the front door and David asked me where I was going. I told him I was going outside that I had to see this moon outside. Giggling like children we hurried to the door.

Outside...oh outside....that amazing moon was casting the most awe inspiring shadows all over the yard! I ran off the deck to see it over the house....that wasn't enough...I wanted to see what it looked like glowing over the exspanse of our land in the back. Leaping off the deck into the dew moistened grass I ran to the fence like a child who had just discovered some new treasure. Feelings the fresh wet dew on my feet, in my night gown, arms out wide...I worshipped my Creator and the beauty that my eyes were trying to hold. There were lovely broad shadows and the most intense glow of the moon spreading out all over our land...I was breathless...all I could think of was that I had to be a part of it! I wanted to run out of our gate and go dance in that beautiful moonlight and for my Savior! Ahhhh.....

Turning to see my sweet hubby's reaction, I saw that he was leaning on the door frame smiling. He said," I love seeing that child like wonder and awe on your face over something God has done."

Heart beating wildly and trembling, I breathlessly ran up on the deck and into his arms. I whispered into my love's strong chest, " I wonder who God is showing off for?" And then, the most magical thing of all...the Holy Spirit spoke right through my husband and I recieved the most reassuring answer I could have ever hoped for...." You." my love whispered against my hair. I looked up into his eyes, kissed him and we went inside.

As I lay in bed I noticed that my heart was still pounding wildly, I had goose bumps and the most goofy crazy in love smile on my face! I was in love! Crazy, madly, deeply in love with my Savior!

Last night I drifted off to sleep, worshiping my Jesus..........


  1. That is sooo cool my sister!!!I loved it! I really should have spent the night last night ;) But this is amazing- God loves showing off for those who love to see it :) I love you!

  2. Wow, Kathy! Incredible! God is so good, isn't He? I bet He giggled that night as He nudged you awake to bask in His Glory!

    I Love You Girl!

  3. Thanks you guys! It was absolutely amazing! I love God so much as I know you guys do too! What an awesome God we serve~!
    I love you both!