Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresh Inspiration

I just had the most fabulous idea! I was lying down for a ten minute nap, cuddling my Elly May ( see pet list for photo :-) and the Lord gave me some real inspiration. I tend to get into ruts pretty frequently....I need things to keep me going. I do (honestly and transparancy here) struggle with depression and sometimes I need to shake things up a bit to prevent stagnant boredom. That being said, it's kinda of weird that in my last post I pointed out just how much I dislike change. Let me clarify. I don't like change that comes with a risk....I like to change furniture around and redecorate and things of that nature but things like moving, make me nervouse. Anyway, on to my inspiring thoughts.

We aew going to have monthly goals! What I mean is each month we are going to have a family goal that goes with the month that we are in. Same first letter to match the month! I'm so excited! Since March is almost over we don't have a whole lot of time but we are going to do at least something small.... Ok so here's my list. Let me know what you think!

March : Match My Step. We are going to make it our goal to go for walks as a family.

April : Always Show Love. We are going to pray and seek out situtations in which we can show someone the love of Jesus.

May : Mingling May. We are going to invite at least two families over to have dinner during this month.

June : (I need a J suggestion)

July:   ( Again, I need a J please!)

August: Away to the beach. We are going to make it down to the beach at least twice this month. We always say we will then we don' now I'm determined!

September : Skating with Jesus music. Our local skating rink has a christian night and they play only christian music from our favorite christian radio station!

October : Open up for Jesus. We are going to find ways to be a light for Jesus the entire month. No darkness, only light! I'll let you know when times gets closer what exactly we are going to do!

November : Notes and Food for Jesus! Whenever we are going out to run errands we are going to leave post it notes around, letting others know that Jesus is crazy about them and died for them! Then we are going to feed at least one family for Thanksgiving or either volunteer at a soup kitchen, maybe even more than one!

December : Delivering the Love of Jesus. Due to the move we have already told our children that our already modest Christmas giving is going to be even smaller this year. Uderstanding little dolls they are! :-)  We are going to give ourselves away this Christmas. I want to go to soup kitchens and hospitals and homeless shelters! I can't wait to lavish the love of Jesus on people this Christmas season!

January.....I will make a new plan for each month with the Lord and the input of my family and let you know then what we will be doing! Blessings to you and yours!


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  1. Love this idea! First of all...We so need to go skating with you! That would be a blast!
    Okay ~ here's a J idea...
    Jelly makin' July with Jamie :-)
    And another
    Joyful Noise June ~ Sing praises to the King, as a family, every morning before D goes to work!
    What do you think? Any takers?
    Love You Dear!