Friday, March 18, 2011

Blessings, trials, and healing....

Yay! Here is a picture of our new house! Thanks Kim for an
awesome picture! Girls got skills with the camera!

Teee heeee! We've never had a fireplace! We are going to have
at least one fire before it gets just way too hot!

My precious girls posing in our barn at our new house! That's
right we are going to have a barn...sound I will be
surrounded by the sweet sound of my chickens.

    As of late our life around here and been up and down, then back up and then back down. Good news is I think we are on an uprise again and I'm gonna milk it for all it's worth! You see, I'm a happy person and I don't like uproars in my life. They make me squirm, even when I know and can recognize that the Lord is going to add to my character through a trial, they make me nervous anyway!
   I was wondering today if I seem grouchy or discontent in my blog...I pray not because my goal if to be a lifter upper not a downer so if it seems like I've been down more than up it's simply because I am an honest person, this is my outlet, and my family has been going through a lot of testing and trials lately. It's seems like some huge ones came in a group and just sort of took up residence for awhile. I'm actively seeking God and shooing these trials right on out the door! :-)
   A huge blessing is our move..a headache but a blessing! The first picture on today's post is of our new home! We move in April 1 and I, my friends, have a lot of packing left to do! But our new home is beautiful and the yard is so green and spacious! ahhh... I can't wait! I love the newness and the making of a new home! Especially since my Darling and I plan on this being our forever home...least til Jesus comes back to get us! :-) The girls are incredibly excited and I'm so thankful for that. I'm not real big on change even happy change and they have been a real encouragement to me. Their excitement is soooo contagious!
   On the other hand as I mentioned our family is going through some storms...some big and some not as big. But the big storms tend to magnify the little storms! Our own little family of four just got smacked upside the head and are learning and praying about where to proceed from here. God is good and He is faithful but this is one of those things that you sit and hang your mouth open and say, "Really?" I didn't see this coming! Again, The Lord is faithful and He has not abandoned us and will never forsake us and I'm clinging to that now more than ever. Some mornings, I wake up and think I'm gonna get through this stuff and then there are times when I just lay my head down and cry and wonder why? Why some things have to happen. I'm rambling now...say a prayer for my family if you think to please.
    Some of the smaller storms are some testing at church...trying to decide and asking God is where we are is where we need to still be... again, change and I'm not a fan of change! (gritting teeth)
    I'm evaluating the relationships in my life right now I said there is just a lot of junk happening right now. I'm trying to discern which relationship are good for my walk with God and which ones that are going to be there when it really counts!
    Friends, this time in my life I'm more aware then ever that their is an enemy of our souls. He comes to kill, steal, and destroy and only by clinging to Christ can we be overcomers! Jesus and I have never been closer than we are right now. I'm learing and understanding how little control I have over my life and those that I love. I have no control at all! That is scary for me....I'm a recovering control freak! But God has everything under control and right now I'm learning and expierencing what it means to walk in faith right beside Him. This is an accurate depiction of what I'm walking through with my Savior right now.
                                         Dr. Tony Evans was taking a walk with his granddaughter one day and she looked at him and said," Grandad, I want you to hold my hand." Dr. Evans said," I am holding your hand." The granddaughter thought for a moment and then said, " No, Grandad, I want you to hold my hand." And again, Dr. Evans said," I am holding your hand." To which the granddaughter replies, " No grandad, I'm holding your hand and I want you to hold my hand...that way if I fall I know you won't let me go."
     This is a perfect picture of us with The Father... I don't want to hold His hand because I will let go, but I know with no doubt that as long as He Is Holding My Hand...He won't ever let me go!
     Are you holding Jesus' hand or is He holding yours? My friend, I'm letting Jesus hold my hand...
      Pray with me, "Father in the name if Jesus I pray for any of my sisters that are reading this and are finding themselves in the midst of storms like I am right now. I pray for their strength and for Your loving care to be lavished on them! What am amazing God you are and I'm so grateful to You for everything I have and everything I am! I love You Lord!

Clinging to Jesus,

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  1. Love the pictures! And I am so praying for you! Call me when you can and just know that I miss you! Keep clinging to Christ!