Sunday, March 27, 2011

For Sin There is Mercy

Regret streams through her veins,
as she realizes her foolish mistake.
One moment lapse in judgement,
at this minute is more that she can take.

Why? She know she knows better,
the Spirit tried to warn her.
Alarms sounded all around her soul,
yet she continued on, thinking surely she knew better.

When will she learn,
God always knows best,
when will she listen,
let her conscience have some rest.

She let her precious arrows play,
knowing well this would affect them too.
Did she listen to the gentle whisper,
no, out of her ears the spiritual warning flew.

Now sorrow is what she feels,
over damage that has been done.
How to repair,
I'm waiting for the answer to come.

Lifter of my head,
Quieter of my fears...
pull me to You,
and silence my tears.

Repentfully sorry,
is what I am now,
Please forgive me Lord,
here on my knees I bow.

Take my shame,
cast it away,
Hurl it forever,
never do you blame.

Full of forgiveness,
and renewness are You,
I ask for it now,
reassure me as You are so known to do.

I have to get back up,
I have to try again,
I'm not perfect yet,
so I will try and try again.

Lord, I repent,
please help me now,
mold me and shape me,
One day I will give you this crown.

Lighter in heart,
I think I can sleep.
Come with me Father now,
Lay me down in peace.

Joyfully basking in His forgiveness!

You can find me sitting at the feet of Jesus!