Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sad, lonely, depressed and then healing!

A place of healing for our weary soul...Perdenales Falls

Today has not been an up day for me. I'm not quite sure why, it's just been a blue day. Which is really sad because the sun was shining so beautifully and yet I was gloom! I tried a few different things, trying to shake this I wore a pretty skirt and top that I usually don't where around the house and I did my hair in a really nice updo....still blue! So I moped around the house doing alittle here and alittle there but nothing really productive. I text my sweet hubby and told him how I was feeling and he was very sweet and sent me some very loving words. (Sigh)...I tried to press on. Then I text one of the lovliest ladies that I know and told her the funk that I was in. Bless her heart she sent me right into the Father's arms and gave me an invitation to come visit. But my true friend told me to pray. She said, "Stop right now and quit thinking and just pray." So I did, it wasn't a lengthy prayer, in fact all I said was, " Father, I need to be encouraged!" Boy, does He deliver! Right then there was a post on facebook from Nancy at Above Rubies. It was serious encouragement for my lonely soul! I am amazed at how quickly He works on my behalf! He didn't like that I was upset and feeling lonely and when I asked for encouragement He sent it! And right away~! Makes me think of the verse in the Bible that says, you have not because you ask not. The Lord was more than willing to send me an ecouraging word and for that I'm truly thankful! I'm abundantly blessed but every so often my flesh takes me for a ride and I need to be told that I'm blessed and that theres is always tomorrow (God willing). So my friends, how are your feelings today? Are you blue or feeling gloom today? Does your motherly, wifely, womanly soul need encouragement today? Be of good cheer the Creator of Heaven and earth adores you! He thinks you are lovely and worthy and He's crazy about you~! And if today has not been all that you would have wanted it to be, don't fret....Lord willing, theres always tomorrow!


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  1. Isn't He amazing!? The love He has for us is never ending and so full of mercy! What a blessing it is to know our Creator God! What a sad life it would in and day out if we chose not to follow Him! Praise His Holy and Powerful Name!