Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hi friends! Hoping everyone is well! :) We visited a new church this past Sunday and the message was really awesome. It was totally what I needed to hear but didn't have a clue that it was needed! Isn't that how God works a lot of times! :) Anyway, the Pastor preached on faith as a verb. He said that in our vast english language we don't have a verb that tranlates faith. It's used as a noun. Like something we have...I have faith. He went on to give many examples of other words in our language that have both a noun and a verb tense but not faith. Usually when you say faith as a verb it is the word believing, or trusting. I'm drawing a complete blank on some of the examples that he gave for noun and verb words....perhaps you homeschool momas can help me out... Anyway, the Pastor said we should have the word "faithingit". Not as faith as something that I only possess BUT it something that I'm doing! AS A VERB!!! I even came up with a 'faithingit' walk...it's a little jig. As I was teaching my children this concept I told them that if they see me doing my 'unique' little jig to know and understand that I was actively "faithingit"! It's fun! Come up with one of you on! So my friends, now I want to have faith as a noun and as a verb! Faithingit!
My oldest wants to be a missionary- I'm faithingit!
My youngest is a lovely but a strong willed child- it's ok, I'm faithingit!
My mom's health is shaking- I'm faithingit!
My husband is a cop...Sigh---It's ok, I'm faithingit!
We are in the process of finding a church home- faithingit!
My dear friend wants a baby desperately- faithingit!
This world is getting really bad!- By God's grace I'm faithingit!

My friends, leave me a comment: What are you facing that you are faithingit?



  1. My school was talking of lay offs for probationary contracts this past Spring 2011. Deep down I knew that I would be one of the ones. Through lots of tears and prayer I began to have a peace. If I did not have a job I would be blessed to be a stay at home mom. Needless to say I did get laid off. This summer I was faithingit! I whole-heartedly enjoyed my summer and did not in one bit worry about a job. It was God's will! I recently got a call from my former school. It's all in His hands. I am faithingit! Thank you for the encouraging words!

  2. Jamie, I will pray for you! Keep faithingit, God sees you and He loves you! Thanks for reading!

  3. Oh Kathy...I'm faithingit everyday with the situation we are in over here at the ole homestead!:-) Love your post and love you girl!
    Can't wait for the homeschool convention! Whoop!