Thursday, July 14, 2011

Being lazy...errr.... I mean chillin!

I should do some laundry. I should mop the floor. I should start the dishwasher and of course there is dust that could use a could wiping! I am in front of my computer..listening to Father of the Bride with my little princess. I was gonna be productive today, really I was but then Danae ( my youngest) said, " Moma, will you come sit with me for awhile?" To some, I should have said," Baby, Moma has work to do." But not me, not today...sure I say that to her...a lot sometimes but not today! You see...I have been enlightened. A clean and orderly house is very important but so are days spent doing nothing but enjoying each others company. You see, my eldest daughter has graduated from high school now and is working full time and preparing for college this fall. I don't see a whole lot of her. She's becoming a woman...doing her thing. Finding out who she is. Don't get me wrong...I'm happy! This is how it supposed to be...but I miss her. I miss seeing her all around the house, talking to her all day long. This has served as a reminder that one day my house will be empty and I will be willing to sell a major body part to hear my precious child say, " Moma, will you come sit with me?" So today, I sit! I'm watching her play and blogging...she doesn't care either..she just wants me to sit with her! Again, so her I sit! My house work will be there later but for now a precious little person still thinks that I'm the greatest in the world and would love nothing more than for me to sit with her! Blessings!



  1. Becoming a woman...psht! Hardly! I still need your late night talks and text conversations on my lunch break :) I love you so much and am so thankful for you! <3

  2. For that , my sweet daughter, I am truly grateful! Love you!