Monday, July 11, 2011

Faithful or No?

Faithfulness is a fruit of the Spirit. Not so long ago my loving Father gently told me that unfaithfulness is a weak spot for me. Sure I'm faithful to my husband and my children. I'm even a really good friend...just ask Jamie! :) But I am unfaithful when it comes to my relationship with God. It's not that I don't want to be or that I don't desire to be faithful to Him. I just stubble here. I'm wondering does anyone else have this issue. I claim to love God yet I'm not always good at spending daily time with Him. It's kind of weird acutally....I think about Him, a lot! Most of the time infact. But to sit down and study the Word or to just spend time with Him....I just fail miserbly. A wise lady that I know once said," If it's important then you will do it." Example: If you are meeting a girlfriend for dinner chances are your not gonna bail last minute or show up 30 min. late. It's important to you so you make sure that you make it happen. Pedicures anyone??? I know that if I actually get out of the house to get one...I'm gonna get there! Early even! So what's the deal with my Creator! I know I have an enemy that loves nothing more that to distract me from being with God and boy, is he good at it! I need to stomp Him more often! All of this is stemming from the challenge that I'm beginning tomorrow. Reading the Bible in 90 days! I'm in a group with others that are going to be my accountability partners and encouragers...but I'm so afraid that I'm gonna fail and I really really don't want too! I want to do this. Not so I can that I did but because I love God and the wisdom in His written Word to us! He speaks to us through His Word and I so long for a good washing in the Word! In the words of my eldest daughter, "I'm thirsty, so thirsty for a drink of God's Word." I'm there now...I have gone without a good long drink for much too long! I've been having some short tastes...but I want to bathe in it...drink deeply...and be filled!


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  1. Amen Kathy, I have been over here feeling the same way lately. But I have created a beautiful spot on my porch that I actually yearn to visit every morning before the family gets up! I have faithfully made it out there every morning and read the word and prayed and it has been amazing! I want God's words pouring over my parched body! Love you much!