Friday, October 14, 2011

Decision! I'm changing things!!!

Ok, this is me confessing....I'M NOT A MORNING PERSON! There, I said it, it's out in the open! This has been my crutch! Instead of changing things, I just lean on this...I'm not a morning person! This is has got to change....this days events have proven it to me. I have always been a spontaneous type of gal but the Lord saw fit to bless me with a daughter who is a creature of habit and structure! In my world...We would sleep in, casually get up and get around, finally sit down to some school.. You get this picture. Casual. Spontaneous. Ok, structureless too. Alas, this does not work. I have known this for some time now but since I don't like to get up early I have made excuses til now! I'm done! I'm going to become a morning person...if for no other reason than I don't want to struggle/fight with my precious daughter anymore. I know that Danae does her best work in the morning, before playing or anything else...but I lack discipline in this area. My daughter needs me to be faithful in this area. Besides, I'm fairly certain, ok I'm positive that the Lord addresses this in His vauble Word: Hang on.... Ah yes, The wonderful Proverbs 31 woman! The woman I love to hate!! Just kidding. But God's Word clearly states that she rises early while it still dark to provide for her family. Geez, I really don't want to be in disobediance to the Word of God!
Today went something like this: Up late, school late, student had bad attitude, Mom began to yell, student cried and it went down hill from there. So I closed the school books, pulled my 4th grader into my lap and apologized to her. I told her that I was sorry that I expected her to function is a manner that she can't. I'm sorry that I havent' been more diligent and that I told her that my relationship with her is so way more important than school will ever be. So we closed our books, made some new goals and gave each other forgiveness and kisses. She scampered off and I decided to blog about our new goals. (Somehow telling the internet world my intentions keeps me more accountable. Strange, yes, but true!)
Mom and Danae- early to bed.
Mom- up at 6 for alone time with God, getting dressed, and preparing breakfast. (My dear husband is up at 4:30 so his breakfast and lunch are packed to go the night before)
Danae- up at 7, dressed and chores done.
Mom- take Kim to work at 8:15
Mom and Danae begin school at 9:30
If all goes well we can be done by lunch at 12, Danae can play and I can get house chores done! It looks great on paper! Now I need to do it!
The Lord is gracious and I know He will help me! I kinda wish tomorrow was Monday so I could get started on these new goals!!!!
So friends, how is your school year going? Homeschooling or not. Someone want to volunteer to keep me accountable and encourage me?


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