Monday, May 2, 2011

A hairy situation.....

Hello there lady friends!

I thought I would stop in and let you guys here a little lesson that the Lord is teaching me and let you glean from up what you need. :-)

For those of you who don't know me I have really long hair. Its almost to my waist and I rarely cut fact my first hair cut in three years was just a couple of months ago and that was merely a small trim...I do have bangs now which was a huge scary thing for me. You see I use to have short spiky hair and the Lord began to speak to my heart about femininity and long hair is wear He led....besides my hubby loves long hair. But all that would be a whole other post this is about a lesson learned.

Long hair is beautiful and most maybe even the majority of men are attracted to it. Therefor long hair comes with responsibility in not causing our brothers to stumble with lustful thoughts. I have known this for quite awhile. I typically where my hair up as it is hot down in the deep south and my hair is quite thick. But on occasion that the humidity isn't trying to kill us I will where it half up and half down. This particular Wednesday I wore my hair half up and half down to church. About mid service I had grown quite warm and I took my hair down to wind it up in a bun and get it off my neck...that was when the Lord stopped me in my tracks. As I was twirling my hair around my hair to pin it up the Lord very clearly told me,
" Take your hands out of your hair." I also very clearly understood why He wanted me to stop "messing" with my hair. I sit on the front row at church therefor every man behind me was able to see my long hair being twisted up into a bun. I'm very conscientious about this as my dear hubby has talked to me about the efforts that hair had on a man. In fact my darling used to have me wear my hair up if I was out of the house for modesty sake..he has since relaxed a little as my dress and my attitude are modest and I don't go swinging my hair around. Anyway...I immediantly slapped my hair up and didn't touch it again. Now for all of you who are saying," Come on! It's just hair and it's my hair for that matter." Well...if it causes my brother to stumble then I shouldn't be doing and my hubby who is very much a man assured me that it can and will cause a man to stumble. How could I have avoided this...well I could have gotten up quietly and gone to the ladies room to adjust my hair or if I didn't want to get up then I could have just left alone. I'm glad the Lord spoke to me about this...I want Him to tell me to get back in line. I don't want to have to find out in Heaven who I caused to stumble!!! The Lord is faithful about keeping me in line...sometimes I will hear Him gently whisper....stop wagging those hips so much....for those of you that don't know me well, I used to be a very unmodest, sassy, loud women. It is my journey and desire to be a meek, gentle, classy LADY! Also, my daughter learned something from my lesson that I shared with them. After the Lord spoke to me, I talked with my girls about their own hair responsibilities as they have long hair too. My youngest, She's 9....was fiddling with her hair in Sunday school recently and remembered what the Lord had told me and she stopped playing with her hair and put it up! Makes me proud when my girls learn from me! I love it even more when they share it with me too!

Just a little reminder to go easy on those men out there! They have enough trouble wtihout us adding anymore to it! God bless you!

Joyfully, Kathy


  1. Great post my friend! Definitely something to think about for those women who don't cover, but love their long hair!! I would never have thought of it!! If I have my covering off I tend to be a twirler too!!!! Love to you my friend! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hey Faithful Moma,
    Glad you stopped over! Also, thanks for always commenting! I love to hear others thoughts and yours are always so encouraging! Love to you precious friend!