Monday, May 9, 2011

The goings on.....

Hello fabulous friends, I pray you have all been well in my lengthy absence! Things have just been so crazy around here. I have a wonderful true story to tell you and I'll give you an update about what's been going on 'round here! First's blistering hot already in the deep south and we are in desperate need of rain! I'm almost thankful that we moved too late for me to start a garden. It's just so dry...the water bill would be outrageous and I don't know if the crops would have survived anyway. We haven't had a single drop of rain since sometime before April...if you think about it, pray for rain for us. The spreading of fires is a scary thing! So if you have followed by blog for any length of time then you surely have read about an issue that I was going through at my church. It has been a very sad time for me....but at the ladies retreat that I was at this past weekend there has been answer to my ferverant prayers! The Lord showed Himself Mighty and defended me! I have been clinging to His promises in Psalm 35 that the Lord WILL defend the righteous and He did! Oh boy did He ever! Such a faith building experience with the Lord! Not just when I got an answer but the quality time that I have spent with Him in prayer! So yay!
As I mentioned before I was at a ladies retreat for our church this weekend and it was amazing! We left Thursday and returned Saturday so I got spend Mother's Day with my amazing family and my wonderful Moma! I just have to say I'm so glad that my mom is still here on earth with me! I don't know what I would do without her!
My hubby has been experiencing some medical issues but the Lord is working those out and we found out today that the issues were not nearly as huge as we had ourselves worked up for! Praise the Lord.
On another note my oldest darling is done with high school! I did! Well we did it! The Lord, me and Kimberly! But I have my first homeschool graduate! And she's smart! She graduating knowing stuff! Lol! :-) He diploma arrived Friday and I'm just beside myself with joy!
I have been thinking about revamping Danae's homeschool curriculm and I can't wait to sit down and put it on pen and paper! Oh and I met a fabulous lady at the retreat that is going to go with me to the Homeschool Convention this summer! I don't have to go alone and I'm really looking forward to spending time with this gal! She's full of spunk and love for the Lord and her family!
I'm happy right now. I know that sounds kind of wierd to just write but I am! I feel this inner joy and peace that I know is coming from Jesus! I'm really enjoying our fruitful relationship!
Tomorrow will be fun and exciting as well! My dear friend and I are attending a homeschool group meeting that is in our area! We are hopefully going to be getting to know some other homeschool families is our area to hang out with! Ahhh!!.... So exciting!
Have a restful, blessed evening my friends! Seek out people to share Jesus with this week!


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