Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It takes no brains to do laundry

Now before you start commenting right away based solely on the title of this post....I asked you to calmly put your claws away and hear me out. Ok, whew, thanks.

Now that I have your attention...the title comes from a statement that I heard from a housewife herself at Danae's dance studio. Yes, a housewife made this very statement to me.

Let me set up the scene and dialogue it for you: It's Monday evening and several of us ladies are sitting in a hot pink crowded room while our little darlings tap their little hearts out. I leaned over to a lady I visit with frequently and asked her ,"Whatcha doing?" As she was diligently pouring over a notebook with all kinds of number combinations on it. She replied," I'm factoring polynomials." Well alrighty, I thought to myself. I replied, "Sounds like fun. Are you in college?" (Mind you, this is much older lady than me...I didn't think this was for homeschool as I was pretty certain we had talked about where her kids went to school. "Yes, and I'm loving it." She said. "It feels so good to use my brain. To learn and use what I learn and figure these problems out." I smiled at her. She went on to say," You know what I mean? It doesn't take much brains to do laundry or make dinner or raise kids." WAIT A MINUTE!!!! HOLD THE PHONE! NOT MUCH BRAINS????AAAGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I couldn't believe what I was hearing! This is a housewife with 6 beautiful children and she is telling me that it has taken no brains to do any of it? Her oldest is 26..did he just arrive there alone? Needless to say my jaw was on the floor at these comments. I have heard this from career women time and time again but to hear it from another housewife just blew me away. Being a housewife is the hardest job I have ever had and ladies, I served in the United States Military and I'm hear to say that being a wife and moma is by far the most challenging position I have ever held!

Let's just go over a couple of areas where my brain is worked out 'real good' at home.
~I have to plan everyone's schedule and get everyone everywhere on time
~I have to come up with healthy yet frugal meals
~I have to shop for those meals all the while staying within a budget
~I have school to teach and curriculm to plan
~I have bills to pay and check books to balance
~There is a house that has to be cleaned and laundry that always has to be done
~Not to mention all my four legged critters that have to be cared for.
~In the midst of all these "few" obligations that I have stated I have to work in time to spend quality time with the Lord, with my children, and with my dear hubby.
~Oh, let's not forget church.
All this has to be done day in and day out, in the most creative ways I can think of...all the while considering the feelings, needs, and well being of those in my care every day! Plus...I have to battle spiritual warfare! I have to fight for my house daily. Ladies, I know you can agree this is no easy feat. There is an enemy ready to kill, steal, and destroy me and my family. If I had nothing else to do in my day this would keep me busy enough! My brain is active and very busy I assure you! How blessed am I that I am home with my family! How would this ladies children feel if they knew that it took 'no brains' to raise them! I know my mom labored day and night to ensure that I turned out well as I labor for my family. My kids don't love Jesus because I'm brainless. My husband isn't enjoying a wonderful marriage because I'm brainless, my house doesn't run itself and it can't runs itself...i'm the brains behind that operation! My friend isn't lifted up or helped out for afternoon because I'm brainless!

To all you with the high calling of being a Stay at home Moma and House Diva, You are beautiful and so super smart! Regardless of whether you house is ship shape always or if all your laundry is done or even if you fix Hamburger Helper every night this week....if your husband and children lay their heads down tonight and rest peacefully, full, and loved then you my dear have done your job and have done it well! And it took a lot of BRAINS to do it! Be blessed and smile! God thinks your the 'Bomb'!

From one joyful House Diva to another,

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