Saturday, April 23, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Oh my goodness....I mean Geez! I didn't think I was every gonna get to blog again! But finally my computer woes are resolved and my creative outlet is free to roam again! Of course over the last ten days I have had a million things to tell you and of course I can't remember ANY of them now! Lol! Let's just start fresh ok! How 'bout on Monday? As tomorrow is the Resurrection Day of my Savior and I want to celebrate with the ones I love! Be blessed my friends and go to church tomorrow and let everyone you meet know that Jesus IS ALIVE!

Joyfully typing again!


  1. Praise God for His Goodness and YES Jesus LIVES! (Dancing in His presence!)
    Have a blessed Resurrection Day! Love you!

  2. Hi there friend! Do you have facebook? I had to get on there to make a business page, and was hoping to find you! :D Love--S

  3. Awww, Jamie! I love you too!

    Hey Faithful Mama! I am on facebook.....look up Mary Kathlene. I use just part of my name for privacy, you know! Talk to you soon! God bless!