Monday, February 7, 2011

Keeping your word

What a disappointment....! I really want to just throw my hands up in the air, stomp my feet and just have a fit! But if I do that then I won't be keeping my promise to God. What to do..... Before we pray for something we should seriously evaluate if we truly mean "only if it's Your will"....because usually that little saying will come back to bite you! Do we as Christians truly mean "only if it's Your will" or is that just a flowery statement that we attach to the end of a "want" prayer to make it sound "all holy"? Remember when you were a child and you really wanted something from your parents, what kind of promises did you make to make your appeal sound even better? Or what did we promise to do regardless of the response we got? Hmmm, things like, "I'll never ask for anything else again, or I promise I'll keep my room clean." Those are just a few of the hundreds I'm sure are out there! That's similar to what we do when we petition God for something we want and need. Problem is, if it is just a flowery response attached to the end of our prayer than we fail when the answer is "No" and we pitch a fit. When we pray for God's soveriegn will then we should make ever effort to except His response when it is given. We should be true to our word...When we say "only if it's Your will", we should behave in a manner that supports that statement. In our hearts we should rest and believe that God has what it best for us. Sure, we get excited when the answer is yes but what if we got equally excited when the answer is no because our loving Father has something better in store for us. Having said all that dear friends, I'm trying desperately to practice what I just preached to you! I love God, I believe God, and I prayed for His will and I meant it when I prayed I'm going to mean it now....even though the answer was no.

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