Friday, February 4, 2011

Why blog?

Why blog? That is a question that I have been asking myself for quite awhile now. I have decided to have a blog because I want to inspire woman in their walk with God in the same way that I have been inspired. As you visit my blog I hope that you will find rest and encouragement as we travel down what is sometimes a lonely road in honoring God in the way we as women have been called to. Here's a little peek into the life behind this blogger....

I'm Kathy, a perfectly made lady that is totally imperfect. I'm a house diva (also known as a homemaker) but I just love that name! I'm the wife to a hard working police officer that loves me even though I can be quite quirky at times! This man is a God loving man who leads our family with absolute faith in God.

I'm moma to Kim. My lovely 17yr old...who is going to be my first homeschool graduate come May!

I'm also moma to a bright, beautiful, opinionated 9yr old names Danae. She doing 3rd grade work.

Let's see....what would I think that you would like to know.....I desperately like to organize but can't seem to stay that way. I love to cook, especially wholesome healthy meals. I'm a skirt or dress wearer only, though my girls do not...more on that later. I'm passionate about animals....homeless ones to be more exact and I have a house full of them and that's the way I'm happiest! I have a real weakness for reading....especially amish fiction! I love simple living...I really wish I had a farm and could be totally self sufficient but that isn't God's plan, at least not yet. To finish up I would like to tell you about my passionate relationship with Jesus! I have been saved a long time but I have been a deep personal relationship with Jesus the last 10 yrs! It is amazing! I'm totally in love with my Savior! My redeemer, my groom that is coming for me!

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  1. Great post Kathy! Even though I know you and love you I still like reading about who you and your family are! I am excited to follow this blog! Love You!