Sunday, February 13, 2011

Blessed day!

      Hello there! I can't believe it has been a week since I have sat down to blog! I was telling my oldest today that it feels like I have been running a marathon for the last three weeks and I'm just plain worn out! Not only have these weeks been physically draining but emotionally draining and those two together make for a rough time! Don't get me wrong, I'm blessed and know it...but there has been some fires as of late. Small fires but that burn nevertheless! I can say though, if we keep our eyes on Jesus and stay by His side and depend on His strength then the lessons that come from having been in the fire are worth learning! Remember the fire only leaves behind whatever is of worth! Thanks for the reminders of JJ Heller's wonderful song!~
    Anyway, the four of us had a great day. First off we didn't go to church which is highly unusal for us but we needed this time together and it's rare that my hard working hubby gets to do something he really wants to do. So today we set out for the RV show and it was so much fun! There are so many different options and it was fun to wish and dream with my family. It was also fun and exciting because I realized that owning an RV is a feasible dream and that we may not have to wait "a million" years to get one! We actually have a 10 year plan in place! In 10 short years we are going to find ourselves traveling the country in our RV! No more hotels, yay!
    Second awesome thing of the day...I got new furniture! But wait, you have to hear the blessing behind it! My sister in laws friend was selling her furniture online and hadn't had much lunch. So she mentioned it to my hubby and he showed me pictures online and I loved it! It's southwestern style with a solid oak frame! It's beautiful! So get this, we got a three cushion couch, a two cushion love seat, a huge chair and a matching oak table for $300!!!  It looks brand new! I'm just excited to get to decorate with it tomorrow!
    I pray your day was as blessed as my ones and I pray that this week the Lord will bless you as your begin your week as a woman of God!

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  1. Yay for new furniture and for fires that burn but make us grow! Love you!