Friday, April 8, 2011


The post I had worked so hard on that had just up and disappeared...well here it is! Thanks to the lovely Kimberly who had more computer knowledge than I could ever hope to have! Thanks Kim! Enjoy~

Hello my friends, I pray this post finds each of your well! Even better than well...I pray that this finds you blessed beyond measure! I don't really have a whole lot to write about...just thought I'd tell you a little about what going to be happening around here this weekend. Tonight is family night and my family is coming to dinner! Best yet, my hubby is going to cook this delicious meal that we will partake of!  Anyway, my lovely family includes my mom, my dad, my little sister and I'm hoping my little brother! My siblings aren't really "little" as my sister is 13 and my brother is 22, but to me they will always be my little siblings! We are going to have our first family gathering right here in my new home!

These are my people minus my hubby who was working!
The blackberries are finally reading for picking! This afternoon my darling Danae and I will have an awesome time picking them and adding them to the fruit in our fridge!

Yummy! Bursting with flavor!

There is a sad spot in my weekend that I am trying desperately to not let it get me sweet hubby will be away all weekend. We won't have the sweetness of his company until Monday evening and possibly Tuesday, depending on how tired he is Monday. He sure does work hard to care for his family! Thank you God for blessing me with a amazing hardworking, God loving, family adoring family!
Me and my sweet love!

Tomorrow my long time best friend is coming to visit! This dear lady and I have been friends for 16 yrs and don't get to visit too often so I am so looking forward to an afternoon of sweet fellowship!

I am in need of prayer my friends...Due to privacy of this situation I can't divulged many details but please pray for my family and I as we go to church this Sunday! May it be a sweet time of worship and fellowship! May the Spirit of God flow freely and without bounds in all of our hearts!

Lastly, we have blossoming fruit trees around this home! I'm so excited to walk out my door and just pick a priceless piece of fruit! Here are some pictures of what we have growing...these are just pictures and what I pray my will look like soon! They are showing promise of great harvest! We have orange, plum, and green apple trees. As well has blackberries and blueberries growing!

Tender plums

Beautiful green apples

Sumptuous blackberries

Sweet blueberries

Orange trees bursting with color

Oh! I almost forgot! I love to pick fruit! I mean, I love to pick my own or to go to a picking farms! I get such pleasure out of picking and selecting my own fruit! I have a sweet friend who has offered to let me and my girls come along with her to pick grapes this June! I can't wait! Also, my dear Jamie and I will be taking our sweet children to pick strawberries very soon at our local orchard!! Fun!

Isn't God so good! Not only did He make fruit with its sweet delicious flavor but He made it bursting with color and amazing shape! It's so pleasing to our eyes and our lips! God, I am amazed by You!

Have a greatly blessed weekend!,

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  1. So glad this post was found! Love it and love you!