Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Family and The Duggars

Finally, a healthy hello to all of you! We are finally well around the LaSalle household....well looking like my sweet hubby may be catching the tail end of this sickness but I'm praying against it! I have been wanting to write about this for some time but haven't really been sure how to...but this weeks illness has given me the perfect opportunity! A few months ago I bought a People magazine strictly because they did a feature on The Duggar Family, whom I happen to admire greatly! In this article there was mention of the older kids not getting to live their lives because of having to take care of the younger sibling and helping out...the father, Jim Bob, is quoted saying that the children are taught to help out and look out for the family and in return will one day be great citizens for knowing how to live so unselfishly. Well, this week both of my girls were sick and just about the time my oldest was getting better I got really ill. As I was burning up with fever and coughing my lungs out I could hear my sweet Kimberly taking care of her still very ill little sister. I thought about that article that I had read about the Duggars and how they pull together to get done what needs to be done and I was thankful that Kim doesn't think that I should leave her alone because she has her own life to live. She stepped up to the plate and began running the home and taking care of me and her sister because that is what is what a family does. It doesn't matter if there is 20 of you or only 4. The above picture of my family minus my 2 other brothers...I can tell you none of us would think twice about taking care of each other, that again, is what you do when you are a family. So Jim Bob and Michelle, this little family supports your big family! My girls, pick up right where mom left off as soon as needed or they do the work right along beside me!

Joyfully and finally healthy,

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