Friday, October 12, 2012

Whew! Ok there!

Sooo sooo much better! Fall is my absolute favorite season and I just love to decorate! My blog background now makes me happy! A couple of dear friends of mine and I met at the park yesterday to let the kiddos play and have a picnic. While the children were playing, we ladies had ourselves a Bible study! It was such a fulfilling and sweet time with these gals! We studied Proverbs 31. We went through verse by verse, picking it apart, and seeing how we are implementing these things in our lives already! Usually after reading this I walk away feel less than super about my life a wife! I bet we have all felt like that a time or two! Not this time! I left so encouraged and really to take on the world...well maybe not the world but for sure my little corner! One thing that I'm really looking forward to getting started in the following verse: She gets up while it is still night... Proverbs 31:15a! This just kicks my rear all the time! I'm a night owl and I don't love to rise early! I do love mornings, mind you! There is nothing like the freshness of a brand new day, the brand new sun light, the birds singing their praises...ahhh.... totally refreshing! I lack the self control to get up though and STAY UP! AS I was pouring over this verse and feeling quite convicted I really felt the Holy Spirit began to gently speak to my heart. This is what I heard... My husband is a police officer. Enough said but I will elaborate. He rises early to begin his day and never insist that I get up with him. I pack his lunch the night before including his breakfast. But how much better would his day go if I got up with him. Had the coffee set to bring him a hot cup of coffee, fixed him a hot breakfast, visited with him and then prayed over him before he left? Not that I don't pray for him because I do but this is about rising early and praying over him before he walks out the door. He has an important job and a not always safe job... it's the least I can do to get up with him and put a little bounce in him step! This is my new endeavor! I will succeed...prayer please! :) Joyfully, Kathy

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  1. Great endeavor! I am praying for you! Mornings truly are the most beautiful part of the day! His mercies are New EVERY morning! But remember to look into the face of the King before anything else! That is my struggle! Pray for me? :-) Love and Hugs my Friend!