Friday, June 22, 2012

Rest now?

Ever begin your summer saying to yourself and your children, " This summer we are gonna take it easy and slow and just really enjoy it?" That's me, every summer. Sigh, but somehow I have found myself in late June longing for a year of sleep, relief from the heat, and slowness of life. Alas, slowness is not what has been going on as of late! We began this month with a multitude of dance rehearsals followed by several dance recitals. Shortly there after I started planning my youngest angels 11th birthday. We don't usually do big birthday parties but this year my daughter wanted have a party at the lake! After we tallied up the people we had to have there, we were at approximately 35 people! But before I could get going good on the planning we had a massive storm! I mean massive! It was sort lived BUT left a lot of damage. We arrived home to a crushed fence, a crushed carport, a hole with a huge tree limb hanging out in our laundry room, and part of our bathroom wall that had been severely cracked by the impact of the huge tree that caused all this! Good news: Praise God, my animals were fine, none of our cars were home, no one was home, and my house is livable! Even better news...we are renters and our landlady is amazing! My headache, her money. Even though we rent, that is our home and it was really sad to see all that damaged! But there is already work being done! Its looking better every day! Again, praise God! We had that birthday party I mentioned above yesterday and it was a blast! So many friends and precious family showed up to help and celebrate our young ladies birthday! I can't believe she is 11! Where has time gone?? What a beautiful, special girl she is growing up to be! We grilled hotdogs and swam in the lake all day and opened enough Barbie gifts to last that little girl a life time! She was so pleased! We spent today recuperating and trying to heal sunburns! I don't know what happened to me...I'm usually the sunscreen queen and I completely forgot to apply any to anyone yesterday! My girls naturally brown skin handled it fine. I, on the other hand, am quite pale and suffering major consequences! It was a blast though! Now I can begin slowness and rest right? One can hope! :) I want to begin planning out next school year! I get so excited and geared up when I start planning! This year we have a group of homeschool families that want to plan field trips with us and I am so looking forward to it! Also, the Homeschool Convention is in August and this year I get the pleasure of my hubby going with me! We are going to have a special weekend alone and attend the convention together! It encourages me to see him so interested and wanting to gain knowledge! I would also love to get away with my family at least for one night this summer and do something fun! My oldest darling begins college this fall... sigh, whole other post on that! Good night all and may God richly bless you!, Joyfully, Kathy

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