Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Looking towards the sky!

Lord Jesus, come quickly! When you hear the kind of things that I have heard this week it gets kind of hard not to stray from counting my blessings and just screaming," Jesus, please! Come get us out of here now!" Children being hurt from supposedly God fearing mothers, young men harming their entire family, a huge rise in theft, sexual abuse....there have been many cases this week and last. Being a cop's wife provides me a gigantic view of the ugly in this world. Nothing this far has ever impacted me the way these last incidents have. I'm sickened, brokenhearted... I just want to go home to my Heavenly home! We need to pray and pray hard. Mothers hurting their children is a sure sign that this world is going very much astray! My flesh wants to hide. Hide my children and just never venture out again! BUT I can't do that... as a Christian I have the antidote that this hurt and dying world needs. His name is Jesus! He is not to be hidden, He is to be shared. He is the ONLY hope that this world has! We have been called to join Him in reaching out to others! If we don't share Him, who will. How can others come to know the peace that I have if I don't reach out to others.... Now the cases that I'm speaking about above I'm not so sure that I could have done anything about but what I can do is pray, right now. I can stand in the gap and beseech the Lord on the behalf of others. Let us be reminded that the Lord loves the one who committed the crime as much as He loves the one who was victimized. As hard as that it...pray for those who care committing these cruel acts. Jesus died for them too!

Holding fast to the Lord,

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