Sunday, November 6, 2011

I can hardly contain myself....!

Ok, so this week has been fabulous for several reasons:

1. My oldest daughter was off from work Friday so I had her home for 3 days instead of 2! Oh how I miss this hardworking girl-woman and I just love love love to have her home any chance I get!

2. We went to see a ballet this week! Got all dolled up and got to be a part of a huge fundraiser to raise money for my baby daughter's dance school to go on a mission trip! Yes, you heard daughter's Christian dance school takes the gospel in the form of dance around the world to lead others to Christ! And let me tell you..until you have seen a ballet to the song have not lived! Nothing like seeing worship in the form of ballet!

3. My hubby and I had a date night! Yes, it did include grocery shopping but first that sweet man took me to dinner and got me Starbucks! It was awesome! That mundane task turned out to be an incredible evening of hand holding and laughing! Sigh..I love my hubby!

4. Today is Sunday! CHURCH! I love church! I love my church but I love church in general and I know Jesus likes church! And boy was He there with us today! Hmmm! Pastor preached on the Return and I could hardly sit still and this was following an amazing time of worship!!! Love it!

5. There are several new lovely beauties in my life! Shannon, Kim, Mickie and the girls...Amya, Kelli, Maddie and Shelbie. Not to forget my fabulous girls too! Oh and of course our little dip of manlyness, Jesse!!! These are our dance pals and I'm just feeling super blessed by the gift of their friendships!

6. Last but certainly not least is Pumkin Spice Lattes! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! Need I say more! If you haven't had one, get and and go get one RIGHT now!

Blessings and Joy to you,
Have a Marvelous Monday,


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